Monday, August 24, 2009

Budget Power Solutions...

The HEC Raptor Series

On a tight budget, sometimes we can neglect the power requirements of our PC system, relying on those "generic" PSU that comes with the computer case we buy. Then soon you will notice hard booth, no power, and worst, smoking components... (my hard drive was smoking..)
Good thing there are solutions that will fit the budget of an amateur builder will that at least protect and give stable power on his investment.

The Raptor Series provides stable voltage output and protects the system from harmful power surges and voltage spikes. And it has a full line of products from 300 watts up to 500 watts that will give budget builders an option on choosing cheap power solutions.


Raptor R300UV/R300PV/R350UV/R350PV
Raptor R300UG/R300PG/R350UG/R350PG

  • ATX 12V V2.2 compliance (Raptor R300UV/R300PV/R350UV/R350PV)
  • ATX 12V V2.3 compliance (Raptor R300UG/R300PG/R350UG/R350PG)
  • "Green Mode" eco-friendly design lowers electric power consumption (standby<>
  • 120mm fan with thermal control and honeycomb ventilation design keep power supply and PC case cool
  • Dual +12V rails offer best performance for the system and peripherals
  • High Efficiency design (>76%)
  • Protections: OPP/OVP/SCP/UVP

Raptor R350/R400/R450/R500
Raptor R350P/R400P/R450P/R500P

  • ATX12V Ver. 2.2
  • 120mm ultra quiet fan keep PC cool and quiet
  • Advance fan control design automatic adjust fan speed according to power usage
  • Eco-friendly Green Mode technology (standby <2w)>
  • Multiple safety designs protect PSU and PC from accidences
  • PCI-E Connector for advance graphic card power requirement
  • Up to 4 high-end L-type SATA connectors for latest HDD/ODD and future expansion
There you have it folks, since the HEC Raptor series can give you a 72% efficiency, it would not pass the 80% plus power efficiency factor of those high-end PSUs. But for a budget PSU that can give you stable power and protection from surges and voltage spikes, its no brainer that HEC Raptor Series fits in nicely...