Monday, May 11, 2009

Cheap G-31 Mobo

One of my PC does not boot, turns out it have a bad motherboard. I need to replace it quick, but with a puny budget, it will not be easy... my first choice is the G-33, it was a full featured, micro-ATX form factor, with good driver support and reviews, but alas! The price overwhelms me... I need a board that will suit my budget, so I have to settle for a G-31 chipset based mobo. Looking through the windows of the malls here in Iloilo, I can see four dominant brands sporting G-31 chips. First choice was Gigabyte GAG31M-ES2C G31 , for a Php.2,750 ($59) board it must be good, MSI G31M3-F G31 Php.2,600 ($55), Asus P5KPL-AM/PS G31 Php. 2,970 ($64), the three brands are all good, but when I saw the ECS G31T-M7L G31, with a price tag of Php. 2,050 ($44) all the cobwebs of indecision just fades away. Why not? Its cheap, my $50 budget can at least buy an extra optical mouse... and the features of the top G-31 branded mobo can also be found on this board.

Gigabyte GAG31M-ES2C G31

MSI G31M3-F G31

Asus P5KPL-AM/PS G31

ECS G31T-M7L G31
Cheap but effective.