Sunday, December 7, 2008

Web Master's Rig

Those with the talent and skills in creating rich, vivid, beautiful and high-productivity websites really interests me. Who are this guys? What are they packing behind their world class web designs? Do they have a dream PC in which all of their designs came to life from? Well I was "crashing" some of this guys "crib" and I was able to talk to Brian Abella of Virtuoso Masters.
I was able to convinced him to let me poke around with his rig.
Here is what I found out:
Processor:-------AMD Sempron 2800+ 1.6GHz

Motherboard:---Gigabyte GA-MA69G-S2 rev 1.0

RAM:-----------NCP 1GB DDR2 667 Mhz. Value RAM x 3

HDD:------------Maxtor 80GB PATA 7200 rpm.

Video:-----------Built-in ATI X1250 IGP

Generic Case and a 350 watt Power Supply

Here is some Q & A from the Master itself.....

Muzzy: What makes your PC whine in protest, what are the usual programs or apps that your PC are working on?

Brian Abella: The programs or apps that I usually use programming tool is Adobe Dreamweaver, CS3 Notepad ++. For designing I use Photoshop CS2, and GIMP. I also use Utorrent to download script and apps and Virtual DJ during breaktime.

A 19" AOC Wide Screen LCD for visual display

Muzzy: What made your decision on choosing AMD Sempron over Intels' counterpart for your processor?

Brian Abella: I choose AMD because its much cheaper than Intel, it was on sale, it cost Php1,600 ($33.00) so I bought it. I was in tight budget at that time.

3 GB of NPC DDR2 makes the system "quick".

Muzzy: Do you think to be a successful web designer, one must have a fast and stable PC?

Brian Abella: That would be a yes! A fast connection to the internet is also a must, those are the tools that are involve in our line of work, and most application and software for programming, designing and editing requires a high-specs PC. That is why I want to upgrade, but I can't right now, my budget is low...

Muzzy: Why is it I don't believe you?

Brian Abella: (just smiles and winks)

AMD Sempron power at it's best!

Muzzy: Is the future of Web Developing business bright? For you perhaps?

Brian Abella: I think our generation right now will be more internet savvy, so e-commerce, web hosting, web development, etc. will have bright future. Even small time businesses right now can now afford web hosting services and advertising.

A modest system that gets the job done.

Visit the Virtuoso Master site here for more details on their world-class services.