Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If one is not enough.....

Sometimes being more productive is what we all want when dealing with software coding, AutoCAD applications and numerous office multi-tasking. One of the best solution is using dual-monitor setups.
Using two monitors enables you to be more productive by eliminating alt-tabbing. Using the Excel and Word can be easy by comparing documents or inserting from one source into a file. AutoCAD users can enjoy the benefits of dual monitor by using the secondary monitor as a reference screen. Web designers need at least 2-5 monitors, but normally they use the primary for designing and work on graphics on the secondary. At the same time view results instantly on different browsers at different resolutions...

Auto CAD is a breeze.

Coding using DW enables high productivity

Using dual-monitors can enhance also the looks of your set up... but two monitors means higher utility bills, LCD with low power processor CPU is a must have, not to mention a dual monitor compatible video card.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intel Core i7 LGA 1366

The Latest Intel Processor

Its here! It’s finally HERE! The latest from Intel, 1366 pins, has Hyper-threading and has its own memory controller. This Nehalem processor aka Core i7 (code name “Bloomfield”)was rumored to be the flagship processor of the Window 7 OS. A 45nm technology similar to the Core 2 Duo/Quads, this baby can overclock easy.

Core i7 at the left Core 2 at the right

This processor can be installed on Intel’s latest chipset the X-58. This motherboard is capable of Crossfire and SLI, so it's more flexible when deciding to go ATI or NVidia on your GPU configuration.

But this processor is still power hungry and way too expensive for ( me).

Intel's flagship motherboard for the Core i7

Asus's counterpart X-58 series mobo

This mobo utilized only DDR3 RAMs up to 16GB of it and you cannot install a Core2 Duo on an X58 or vice-versa.

I think AMD must do something about this, so that we will not be affected by Intel's rip-offs.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Budget PC for Internet Shop Owners.

Choosing the right parts for the LAN or internet shop can sometimes be mind boggling. Customer relations are not enough to cater their online and gaming needs. Considering cost effective, low power parts sometimes hinders the gaming performance that the customers crave.

All gamers despise LAG. So we are going to recommend and build a modest PC with a power to run almost every MMORPG available, can run Call of Duty 4 on medium settings but with a budget wise specification.


Processor-----------------Pentium Dual-Core E2180 2.0Ghz

Motherboard------------Gigabyte GA-945GZM-S2

Memory------------------Kingston KVR667D2N5/1GB Ram DDR667

Hard Disk Drive---------Samsung 160GB 7200rpm HDD

Video Card---------------Gigabyte GV-NX84G256H

Case------------------------Generic Case

PSU-------------------------Generic (comes with the case) at least 400 Watts

With a small mobo like this, you only need regular ATX case

Passive heat sink keeps this video card cool & quiet

The Samsung 160GB SATA in action!

Kingston RAMs are very durable & with a life time warranty

There is still more to come....